【Dr. Konosuke Takegami】 (Lecturer in charge of Trade Practice and Trade English)

Once tought is enough, easy understanding lecture method, Everyone is drawn to his sense of humor and becoming a fan.
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Konosuke Takegami - Wikipedia
Kunosuke Takeuchi's book (武上 幸之助の著書)
Takushoku University Graduate School of Commerce Graduate School of Commerce Takeuchi seminar laboratory
Yukinobu Takeuchi - Yahoo! Search

【professor Herberry Mariko】 (Lecturer in charge of TOEIC)

joined Trade Company in Tokyo.
Worked as English Translator and Interpretor
in various Training Centers.
 While taking incharge of Translation
and Interperation in Major and Goverment
companies, i also worked as teacher in
various companies.
English teaching experience more than 30 years.
To bring out student's communication skill and
score nice marks in TOEIC i have my own
methods of teaching.
The number of TOEIC students exceeds 1000.

【Professor Kenichi Hirano】 (Lecturer in charge of marketing and business)

Planning and marketing manager at major food
manufacturers for more than 20years
Authority of product development practices from
advertising and publicity with social experience
abundant, fun and friendly lecture.
Employment counseling and support activities of
the trainees.
Examination B grade
Trade Practice Examination B Grade
Job card creation advisor
【Specialized field】
☆ Marketing
☆ Trade Practice