Our Translator

■ Technical documents
■ Law , medical , etc.
■ Patent-related specialized    documents

■ International Conference
■ Internal Conference
■ Business Oppurtinities
■ Exhibitions
■ Events

■ Technician + linguistics
■ Translator experienced
■ anxious
■ work hard till the end of the     work

Translation fee

We will adopt a cheaper price system for our customers based on your original text documents, areas, expertise etc.
Also, as for Japanese to Chinese translation, there is a translation team in China, so I think that we can respond faster and cheaper service than other companies.

Fee structures
i  : A4 sized 1 page 400 characters or less costs 4000 to 8000 yen (depending on field and expertise)
ii : 1 character 10 to 20 yen (depending on field and expertise)

Business trip fee

If you can not get out of the company by copyright or extremely confidential documents, there is also a service that the translator translates at your work sites.