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Major occupations

office work Trade · International Affairs, Interpretation · Translation, English Affairs, Sales Affairs, General Affairs · Human Resources, Planning · Marketing Accounting, finance, accounting administration, banking / securities affairs, IT affairs etc.
IT・Engineering PMO, upstream process SE, from design to building · maintenance SE, help desk Network engineer / server system SE, PG
Sales & Services Business / Business planes · Rounder, Sales Assistant
Travels Related · Tour guider, Supervisor, Call Centers, Sales.
Creative works Web Design, Web Director, Web Creator・Editer, etc.
Manufactures · Light works · logistics Light working staff, inspection, logistics staff.
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Interview / registration

In the interview or registration, we confirm the current status of job seekers experience, qualifications , type of work you want to do, future plans, the job hunting time,etc. We will discuss about your conditions & support you to achieve your goal.

Interview / Registration

Staff Introduction

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Your best choice for career consulting & placement service without any cost.

We are doing our best on building a network for recruiters and companies.
Nerver hesitate to make an appointment with a Career counseling, for a constructive advice, job informations, etc I have long experience as university educator, Manager, Career consulting. So, I think it's the great opportunity to discussion about your career.

Listen to you, Care for you, Work for you.

I worked as a programmer. now, I am working as a career counselling. You can utilize your work experiences in the different field.
We conform the job seeker's experience, intrests and promptly introduce jobs to job seekers.


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