Contents and characteristics of employment support

【First Month of Course】

  We can clearly recognize the countermeasures against students goals, plans, problems and problems, and to increase confidence in motivation for learning and employment. In the first month, we will support mainly focusing on hearing and career consulting. We conducted individual interviews with everyone, Confirmed the current status of the experience and possession qualifications so far, the qualifications to be acquired, the type of jobs / occupation desired, future planes, job hunting, Whether there is a gap between the present situation and hope, whether there is a problem, what kind of countermeasures to take for the problem, Discuss with students about what plan to make in order to achieve the target.

【Opening 2nd month and 3rd month】

  Instruct on resume and curriculum vitae preparation. Based on the job category of each student grasped through personal interview at the first month, the job season, employment form, etc., together with the job offering information released to Hello Work. We will develop job offerings for many regular employees, contract employees and temporary staff, make matching matching the needs of both recruiters and job seekers according to the principle of the right people, and carry out real employment support. Also, in the third month of training, guidance on interview, Emphasis is placed on mid-career hiring question analysis and guidance on countermeasures, and we are striving to improve the practical skill of employment and immediate fighting strength.

【Within 3 months after completion of training】

  Continue to provide employment support mainly for career consulting, distribution of job information, interview instruction, job introduction etc.