Terms and conditions

Those who have work experience in trading companies and trade affairs enterprises, sales , tourism and international work related , and related fields and those who want to deepen their knowledge and expand opportunities for reemployment.

  Training objective

Understand the overall picture of trade, the establishment of trade practice, understand the terms of related fields, acquire the basic knowledge on travel business, aim for improvement of necessary language ability and career development, aiming for employment and reemployment.

  Main contents of training

◆ Department
· Basis Trade (Incoterms, Transportation, Insurance, Settlement, etc.)
· Application of trade practice (application of import and export procedures, etc., practice of trade practice)
· Tourism practical foundation (basic knowledge of laws, regulations, contracts, overseas business etc)
· Tourism Practical Application (Practical work required for Travel Operation Manager)
· Trade · Tourism practice English (English expression according to specific situations of trade and tourism)
· TOEIC (TOEIC target of 600 or more))
◆ Actual technique
· Trade practice exercise (bill of lading, letter of credit, invoice, shipping document preparation, trade practice test C grade capture and trial)
· Sightseeing practice exercises (Travel management handling manager qualification exercises)
· Training · Tourism practice English exercises (exercises on conversation and writing so that you can take advantage of English technical terms and expressions of trade and tourism practice)
· TOEIC exercise (cultivate listening skills, cultivate communication skills, exercises and solution techniques exercises)
◆ Employment support
· Orientation, job / card creation support, individual consultation, How to write resume / biographies and interviewing method, career consulting, Analysis of mid-career hiring questions Supporting skills, training for self-improvement

  Features of training content

· Beginners can easily understand trade and tourism practices.
· If there are difficult points or unavoidable absences, the instructor in charge will be supplemented after school as necessary and will be taught carefully.
· TOEIC overcomes the level inequality by individual tutoring and individual homework by student level and will extend the language skills from each existing level.
· Strengthen foundation, exercise your immediate fighting strength by exercises such as writing documents and English conversation.

  Eligible qualifications

· Trade Practice Test C Grade, B Grade
· Integrated travel business handling manager
· TOEIC (any optional examination, separate expenses)

  Related occupation

Trade and travel related jobs such as trade affairs, English affairs, overseas sales, purchasing, overseas expatriates, travel coordinators, tour operators, travel counters, travel arrangements, inbound travel arrangements