Engineer Training

With the continuation of large-scale IT-related investment in the industry and the increasing need for information security in recent years, the shortage of IT talent is becoming an issue again. Also, with the advent of new technologies and services such as big data and IoT, it is anticipated that sophistication and diversification of IT utilization will progress more and more from now on. The demand for IT will continue to increase in the medium to long term which is expected to be high.

   However, while IT demand is expanding, human resource supply capabilities are declining, and IT shortages may become even more serious in the future. Under these issues of awareness, securing and fostering future IT human resources will be the most important task.

   We want to create an environment that can further improve the skills of each engineer. I would like to have as many people as engineers. We will continue to support career plans so that our language service will continue to train engineers and work as peace of mind as a lifetime job.

Language service Co., Ltd. will continue to have a sense of mission, We support our career plan together with engineers so that we can train technicians and work reliably as a lifetime job.


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