Message from president

Welcome to Language Service Co., Ltd

Language is a tool for communication. Business is to need and to satisfy needs.
So, language symbolizes communication, requirement and supplys.
Language Service is not only a company to provide translation and interpretation services.
We provide solutions to smooth your business, especially international by understanding your needs.
So i think, business is to find need and give solution.
Business is also based on honesty, trust and spirit of dovotation.
I value any chance to need you and to be needed by you.
I cherish honesty and trust on you, and love to devote for you.

I am sure you will love Language Service
                Representative Director Shi li (史 莉)


1. let client feel the happiness to have done business with us.
2. let employees feel the happiness to be working with here.
3. Work here and make progress with the company.
4. Value personality and individual ability, and also team work
5. Develop into a profitable and honorable company.
6. Find a need, give a solution.